The Buffalo Way

PROJECT TYPE: Art as a vehicle for social change

VISION: To inspire the buffalo way in the human imagination and reconnect to our own personal story of what buffalo means to us 

MOTTO: Buffalo Way

The Buffalo Way is about honoring an integrated approach to the restoration of Bison, ensuring both their ecological and cultural return. We draw on different values, identities, and knowledge systems and embrace tools from science, to art, and beyond to inspire and reconnect Buffalo lives and lifeways. We look to the Buffalo Way for the path forward: Relationship, Respect, Reciprocity, Resilience, Reconnection, Rematriation, and Reconciliation. It can guide us to an entirely different world: a world that is diverse, equitable, inclusive, and just. A world that not only survives, but thrives. We cleave a new path. We will bring buffalo home. Together. 

Art and culture are potent vehicles for this journey and Buffalo Circles serve as both catalytic ceremony and a call to collective inspired action. The Buffalo Circles are an invitation to evoke Buffalo in our literature, painting, graffiti, music, dance, film, and sculpture. Join us to reignite Buffalo’s creative fire—and once again walk the Buffalo Way together.

Here are some creative expressions of the Buffalo Way speaking:

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