Rewild Wolverine

PROJECT TYPE: Connectivity, climate resiliency, rewilding, community conservation

VISION: Protect Gulo gulo & help them return to the places their ancestors roamed.

MOTTO: Gulo gulo!

Wolverines are true ambassadors of the wild. Most wolverines weigh in below 30 pounds, they are small but mighty. They find home in some of the world's most rugged terrain, are endurance athletes, and represent boldness, bravery, and stamina. They live in that feeling of running at top speed, powering through snow, sticking it out, standing up for themselves and those they care for, while still remembering to play. Wolverines remind us of both the joy and ambition we need to move forward.

Wolverines Need Our Help

Despite being a total badass, wolverines are still no match for shrinking wilderness and climate change. Right now, estimates suggest there are less than 200 wolverines left in the lower 48 states. Since wolverines need big areas to roam, keeping high alpine areas intact and connected is important to their resilience: they need our help. WCS Rockies has been working collaboratively to raise awareness about wolverines to protect them where they are now and to open pathways for them to return to the places they used to call home.

Wolverines embody the wild, like you. There is no better voice for this natural runner, climber, snow machine, lover of play than you. Join us & be a voice for them. Get people fired up to protect & rewild these powerful, elusive wild icons.

  • WOLVERINE WILD - Join us to launch the campaign. Become a gulo ambassador and get people fired up to protect Gulo. Check out our social media toolkit for more info
  • REP WOLVERINES - Capture your inner wolverine – on the slopes, on a crag, on a run, in your kitchen. Share a pic or video on social media and tell us about your wild. Tag: #RewildWolverines, #GoGulo, #SmallButMighty, #WhatsYourWild, @wcsrockies. We need change-makers like you to rep the wolverine.
  • REWILD WOLVERINES - Thank Governor Polis for the commitment he made to rewilding wolverines in Colorado. Share that we have heard him, share the conservation vision, and are here to support that process and do whatever it takes to bring wolverines home.
  • TALK TO US - Do you have any questions, comments, ideas? We want to hear from you. Together, we can make this campaign collaborative and kick-ass. And that’s exactly what wolverines need. Email to get involved or find us on Instagram @wcsrockies 

 Be a voice for them when there is none. Protect & help them return to the places their ancestors roamed. Like you, they represent the wild. Let’s protect the wild places that both of us call home.

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