Global Conservation Organizations Applaud Government of Belize for New Commitment to Protect Central America's Largest, Highly Imperiled Forest

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(June 25, 2020)   -   Leading conservation organizations, including Global Wildlife Conservation, Panthera, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), and World Wildlife Fund, alongside The Belize Zoo, Foundation for Wildlife Conservation, Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and Field School, and the University of Belize and its Environmental Research Institute, have joined together to applaud the government of Belize for declaring new plans to protect the Maya Forest Corridor – a critical link in Central America’s largest fores...

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WCS Congratulates India for Newly Expanded Protected Areas that Safeguard Macaques, Hornbills, Bats

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(June 25, 2020)   -   WCS congratulates the Indian government for expanding protected areas in the wildlife-rich Western Ghats region to safeguard populations of endangered lion-tailed macaques (Macaca silenus), critically endangered Kolar leaf-nosed bats (Hipposideros hypophyllus), and other species.

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WCS Reacts to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Recovery Plan for the Jaguar

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(June 25, 2020)   -   Experts from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) reacted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s recently released recovery plan for the jaguar. 

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Sweeping Conservation Bill Signed into Law Today

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(June 25, 2020)   -   The John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act was signed into law today. 

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WCS’s “9 for ‘19”: Nine Iconic Wildlife Species that will Actually do Better this Year

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(June 25, 2020)   -   WCS scientists in our Global Conservation Program and in our zoos and aquarium issued a list of nine iconic wildlife species that are recovering in 2019 due to conservation action.

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Footage Shows Rare Glimpse of Jaguar Swimming through Lagoon in Belize

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(June 25, 2020)   -   WCS shared a video today showing incredible footage of a jaguar swimming across Placencia Lagoon in southern Belize.  The video, shot by Belizean boat captain Darryl Lozano, shows the jaguar effortlessly swimming across a channel until it reaches some red mangroves on a shoreline. WCS recognizes the Placencia Lagoon as an important fish nursery, with rare Halophila seagrass and a mangrove forest surrounding a critical Antillean manatee hotspot. WCS is supporting local efforts to get this lagoon ...

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New WCS Study Says Urbanization May Hold Key to Tiger Survival

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(June 25, 2020)   -   A new WCS-led study published in the journal Biological Conservation says the future of tigers in Asia is linked the path of demographic transition—for humans. 

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WCS Uganda Participates in the Rescue of Lions from the Communities around Queen Elizabeth National Park

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(June 25, 2020)   -   Three male lions that strayed from a Uganda National Park were rescued by staff from WCS Uganda and government partners.

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WCS Myanmar Program Celebrates 25th Anniversary

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(June 25, 2020)   -   The WCS Myanmar Program released a video celebrating its 25th year of conservation.Watch the video here.

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Latin America Launches New Roadmap to Save the Jaguar

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(June 25, 2020)   -   In an unprecedented global commitment to saving the jaguar, leading international conservation organizations and key jaguar range states have joined together to launch the Jaguar 2030 Conservation Roadmap for the Americas, presented today/this week at the Conference of Parties (COP) 14 of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

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