New WCS Study Says Urbanization May Hold Key to Tiger Survival

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(June 25, 2020)   -   A new WCS-led study published in the journal Biological Conservation says the future of tigers in Asia is linked the path of demographic transition—for humans. 

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WCS Uganda Participates in the Rescue of Lions from the Communities around Queen Elizabeth National Park

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(June 25, 2020)   -   Three male lions that strayed from a Uganda National Park were rescued by staff from WCS Uganda and government partners.

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WCS Myanmar Program Celebrates 25th Anniversary

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(June 25, 2020)   -   The WCS Myanmar Program released a video celebrating its 25th year of conservation.Watch the video here.

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Latin America Launches New Roadmap to Save the Jaguar

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(June 25, 2020)   -   In an unprecedented global commitment to saving the jaguar, leading international conservation organizations and key jaguar range states have joined together to launch the Jaguar 2030 Conservation Roadmap for the Americas, presented today/this week at the Conference of Parties (COP) 14 of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

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The Rising Threat to Jaguars from the Demand for Their Body Parts

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(June 25, 2020)   -   A new report on jaguars from WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) warns of a rising demand for teeth, claws, skins and other body parts which could imperil jaguars in the same way tigers are threatened across Asia.

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Breaking: Honduran Government Announces Unprecedented Commitment to Protect Ancient City and Surrounding Rainforest

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(June 25, 2020)   -   Honduras’s Moskitia region is a place of legend, the site of the recently uncovered ancient city—the White City—and one of the planet’s last strongholds for an incredible diversity of wildlife. Yesterday, Nov. 8, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández and the minister of the Institute of Forest Conservation (ICF) Director Arnaldo Bueso announced the government’s commitment to protecting the Moskitia and its people with an initiative called SOS Honduras: Stop the Destruction of the Forest.“The...

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Are Vulnerable Lions Eating Endangered Zebras?

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(June 25, 2020)   -   Are Laikipia’s recovering lions turning to endangered Grevy’s zebras (Equus grevyi) for their next meal?

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New Study: An Estimated 84 Highly Endangered Amur Leopards Remain in the Wild in China and Russia

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(June 25, 2020)   -   Scientists estimate there are only 84 remaining highly endangered Amur leopards (Panthera pardus orientalis) remaining in the wild across its current range along the southernmost border of Primorskii Province in Russia and Jilin Province of China.

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Garden Pests that Can Eat You: WCS Wild Seve Program Protects Farmers and Wildlife from Each Other

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(June 25, 2020)   -   WCS’s Wild Seve program, which helps farmers living around India’s Bandipur and Nagarahole National Parks recoup losses of crops or livestock from tigers, leopards, elephants, and other protected wildlife, has just filed its 10,000th claim since the program launched in July, 2015.

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Joint Study by WCS & Yale Identifies Challenges and Opportunities to Safeguard One of Mesoamerica’s Last Forest Blocks

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(June 25, 2020)   -   The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Yale University have created a plan to preserve one of the last intact forest strongholds for the jaguar and other iconic species in Central America: the Moskitia Forest Corridor.

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