To address the threats to the Rocky Mountain region, we direct our interventions along four pathways: science & cultural knowledge, policy, strategic partnerships, civic engagement/movement building:

1.     Science & Cultural Knowledge:

Rewilding the Rockies requires new science and that we make effective use of data that already exists, thanks to our conservation colleagues and the big data revolution. We will integrate Indigenous science and cultural knowledge with western approaches to impact the conservation challenges at hand.

2.     Strategic Partnerships:

Deepen and expand strategic partnerships with Indigenous Nations and rural communities to advance shared conservation goals and create decision-making tables that are inclusive of a range of views and needs.

3.     Conservation Policy:

Foster policies that reconnect and rewild priority landscapes in the Rockies.

4.     Civic Engagement & Movement Building:

Inspire a diverse, durable base of conservation power to rewild the Rockies, reconnect to the wild, rewild the human imagination, and take action.

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