Our Values

In executing our strategic vision for the Rocky Mountains, WCS commits to create a culture that embodies and models the following core values:

  • Science. Our work is driven by science. We draw on our own original research as well as the deep and enduring science and knowledge of Indigenous cultures and rural communities, who have been working to protect and steward the lands and waters of the Rocky Mountains for much longer than we have.
  • Integrity. The Rockies Team is open, honest, and respectful of one another and our partners. We work to cultivate our largest humanity and embody the highest possible standards of professional conduct and ethics.
  • Inclusiveness. We demonstrate respect for all people in the work we undertake on behalf of WCS. We seek out and listen to the ideas, perspectives, and advice of others and those whose knowledge, experience, and frame are different from ours. In all that we do, we work to uphold and embody the values and principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice and engage all cultures with integrity and deference to the sovereign right to self-determination.
  • Bold & Courageous. The Rockies Program is committed to the emergence and implementation of big, bold ideas that embrace the suite of conservation challenges at play and deliver solutions that secure enduring impact.
  • Catalytic, Collaborative Leadership. We try to serve as conveners and collaborative leaders that catalyze replication and scaling of innovative approaches to delivering conservation action and impact at scale.
  • Targeted Excellence. We adhere to a culture of excellence and effectiveness. The Program’s strategies focus on identifying creative and impactful strategic pathways that target the levers of change and secure the influence needed to deliver systemic change and enduring conservation. We believe a long-term view and sustained engagement is vital to the delivery of meaningful and lasting change in our priority landscapes, watersheds, and three large landscapes.
  • Scaled Impact. The team moves beyond vision and aspiration to implement boots-on-the-ground conservation actions that protect wildlife and the wildlands and waterways of the Rocky Mountains. Our projects are designed with an eye to replicability and scalability, and catalyzing innovative approaches that deliver durable impact across the region and ultimately, the globally.
  • Balance. We strive to cultivate and nurture a culture of self-care that fosters balance and resiliency.
  • Vulnerable: We create a culture of vulnerability, openness, and trust. We foster an honest, kind, and safe space where we recognize the need to work together to realize impacts that are larger than the sum of the parts.

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