The Rockies are home to incredible wildlife—bison, wolverine, grizzly bear, beaver, otter, bats—that roam the high alpine, forests, grasslands, deserts, river systems and airways and paint this landscape with vibrancy. Throughout this land, the rich diversity of human cultures mirror the richness of the Rockies wild nature.

This region links the Sierra Madres in Mexico to the Yukon in Canada and the Great Basin to the Great Plains. This land also encompasses the headwaters of HALF the largest river systems in the United States: The Columbia, Rio Grande, Colorado, and Missouri.  

The Rockies also embrace some of the most globally significant protected areas: Yellowstone (the world’s first national park), Banff (Canada’s first national park), Bear’s Ears (the first Indigenous-led National Monument designation), and the Gila (the world’s first designated wilderness area).   The region is particularly incredible because of its high ecological integrity, successful protected area systems, well-stewarded Indigenous and private lands, and iconic wildlife. This will be critical to rewilding culturally and ecologically important species, such as: buffalo, wolverines, beaver, otters, and jaguar in the future.  

However, the Rockies are threatened by the intensifying human footprint, including private land conversion, oil and gas development, climate change, and decreasing water quantity and quality. WCS is tackling these challenges head on through our science, advancing human wildlife co-existence, rewilding strategies, policy, civic engagement, and strategic and diverse partnerships.     We focus these efforts in three of the most ecologically and culturally important landscapes in the Rockies: 1) Northern Rockies (the transboundary Crown of the Continent and regions of critical connectivity in the High Divide), 2) Southern Rockies, and 3) Southwest Borderlands (the U.S.-Mexico transboundary area).



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